Email blasting from shared hosting

Email blasting from shared hosting

Sending big amount of emails from shared hosting is constantly a issue. Shared internet hosting is not tailored to permit 10,000 e-mail sending at when. But, there is usually a trick for this. See the advantages and disadvantages before you doing it.

First of all, e-mail spamming is bad, plus should you are sending unsolicited e-mail or advertising letters to anybody inside a mailing list. Consequences is the fact that the hosting account is suspended. Your domain name plus IP address can be blacklisted too. As it’s a shared IP address, the hosting organization will likely not wish To take any risk, plus closed we down when they smell which a launching e-mail broadcasting to the entire globe.

Now we had realized the consequences which you’ll receive oneself into. Then, what should you are running a forum of 10,000 members, plus you want to email inform them regarding forums upgrade etc. What if you do, how to email for them at when when the shared hosting just let 50 or 100 email sendings limit per hr??

First, consult the hosting provider, inform them we need to send 10,000 emails from the url, plus request those to provide we the greatest e-mail sending limits. Let say now they set it to 500 emails per hr. And you’ll need to split the mailing list into 20 group plus send them out every hr. That is a wise beginning.

What should you are provided just 100 or less e-mail limit per hr. We might need to setup 100 groups. That is many function to do. Not to be concerned, certain technology function usually resolve this. First, insert all the e-mail address into mysql database. Create a php file which pull out 100 emails plus utilizes phpmail() to send them out 1 following another. By this we have the script which fetch 100 emails at a time. Next from cpanel utilize the crons job to schedule this script to run each hr, by which you’ll have 100 outgoing emails per hr.

The e-mail may keep sending out every hours, plus always not sending duplicating to same recipient, they usually going nuts getting tons of e-mail. After e-mail transferred, eliminate from mysql database. It’s the safest thing to do.

Great chance to a e-mail advertising effort, plus this really is the number one answer you are able to have whenever utilizing shared hosting.

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